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The mission of the counseling and guidance program in Grulla Middle School is to provide services and resources, in an organized way, to all students to enhance their personal/emotional, academic, social and career development.


All Grulla Middle School students will have a continuum of opportunities to obtain necessary knowledge and skills of decision-making, goal-setting, planning, problem-solving, cross-cultural effectiveness, communication and interpersonal effectiveness to become responsible and self-confident citizens. In order to achieve this vision, the guidance and counseling program will provide all students’ access to counselors for assistance with personal concerns, as well as academic and career planning.


The goals of the counseling and guidance program are:

· To provide guidance curriculum in a systematic way to all students.

· To address the immediate concerns of students in the personal/emotional, social and academic areas.

· To assist students in monitoring and understanding their own development.

· To assist all students in transitioning from school to careers.

· To engage in program development and to provide system support.

· To utilize technology to enhance the delivery of services.